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Health Insurance

Health insurance is an affordable way to protect your health. Similar to car or home insurance, a monthly fee called a

premiumThe amount paid, often in monthly installments, for insurance coverage.
is paid to cover most or all of your health care costs. Some plans also require a
deductibleThe amount you need to pay out of your pocket before health care benefits are paid by insurance.
copayments.The fixed amount you pay at the time of a medical service or to receive a medication. They often range from $10 to $30; higher in other plans. Copayments are usually due at the time you have an office visit or fill a prescription.


Even with premium costs and a deductible, health insurance costs are a fraction of what you'd have to pay to cover these costs on your own. And insurance offers you access to so much more—good doctors, good hospitals, screenings, medications and many other ways to improve your health. Here, you can learn about health insurance topics, such as:

Plan Types—Learn about the differences between HMO, PPO, and POS health plans.

Choose Benefits—Select a health plan that offers the benefits you need now and in the future.

Choosing a Plan—Learn how to enroll in health insurance. It's easy (and important, too).

Plan for Your Budget—Choose an affordable, high-quality health plan that fits your family's lifestyle.

Health Care Reform—Find out about the Massachusetts law requiring almost everyone to have health insurance.

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