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Health Tip: Care for a Pressure Sore

(HealthDay News) -- A pressure sore is an area of the body that breaks down because something keeps rubbing or pressing against the skin.

A pressure sore can develop if you use a wheelchair or stay in bed for long periods, have a disease that affects blood flow, have fragile skin or are malnourished.

The U.S. Library of Medicine suggests how to care for a pressure sore:

  • Relieve pressure on the area by using a pillow, foam cushion, booties or a mattress pad.

  • In a wheelchair, change your position every 15 minutes, and in a bed, you should move about every 2 hours.

  • Care for the sore as directed by your health care provider.

  • Avoid additional pressure on the sore.

  • Call your doctor if you have an open sore or develop a blister.

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