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Urgent Care for Kids 

As a parent, there’s nothing worse than seeing your children sick or in pain. And when you can’t have them seen by their primary care provider, an urgent care center may be the right place to go—especially when it’s just for kids.

Pediatric urgent care centers are specially designed and staffed to help babies, children, and teens. There’s usually an age limit on who they’ll treat—usually somewhere between ages 16 and 21.

From sore throat and fever, to an object up the nose, these urgent care centers can help with illnesses and injuries that are not life- or limb-threatening. You should, however, go to the emergency room for serious medical issues such as no pulse, bleeding that won’t stop, or poisoning.

Expert Care

These kid-focused centers typically have pediatricians on staff, as well as nurses, nurse practitioners, and physician’s assistants, who are specially trained to work with children. This can help ease anxiety and enable the treatment of frightened and uncooperative little ones.


Pediatric urgent care centers often have waiting areas, hallways, and exam rooms decorated to put young patients at ease. While kid-sized equipment and supplies enable proper care. X-rays and basic lab tests can often be done on-site during your visit.

Before you leave, ask how information from your child’s visit will be shared with his or her doctor. This helps make follow-up care easier and keep his or her medical history intact. Some center’s already have a process in place for this important step.

And just in case, these urgent care teams are trained and ready to triage and transfer children who end up needing emergency care.



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