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Health Tip: Supporting Breast-feeding Moms on the Job

(HealthDay News) -- There are a number of options available if businesses want to make it more convenient for mothers to express breast milk at work.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services suggests:

  • Find a devoted space for nursing mothers. If a mother has a safe and private place to pump, she will not have to go elsewhere, such as a car or home. This space requires a comfortable chair, a place for a breast pump and an electrical outlet.

  • If you do not have room for a dedicated area, consider sharing space with other nearby businesses.

  • Many women have their own breast pumps, since insurance plans often cover them. But some businesses buy hospital-grade pumps for employees. These devices may speed up the pumping process and prevent the need for a mother to carry a pump back and forth from home.

  • Ensure that there is adequate refrigeration for nursing mothers.

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