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Heath Tip: Give Age-Appropriate Toys

(HealthDay News) -- Holiday toys should be age-appropriate and safe, to avoid injury.

The American Academy of Pediatrics offers these safety suggestions:

  • Select toys that match the age, abilities, skills and interests of the child.

  • For babies and toddlers, consider toys that build developmental skills.

  • If you are considering a tablet, smartphone or game system, establish rules for using the device before it is given as a gift.

  • Be careful if you give toys containing button batteries or magnets, which are choking hazards.

  • To prevent electric shock, do not give children under the age of 10 a toy that must be plugged in.

  • Do not give toys with small pieces to young children.

  • Children under age 8 can choke or suffocate on uninflated balloons.

  • Remove strangulation hazards such as tags, strings and ribbons from toys before giving them to young children.

  • Read the warning label and instructions on any gift to your child before use.

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