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Health Tip: Avoid Eating Raw Dough

(HealthDay News) -- No matter how tempting it is to sneak a taste of raw cookie dough, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says you shouldn't. Raw dough can harbor dangerous bacteria.

The CDC suggests:

  • Never eat raw dough or batter.

  • Don't let children play with or eat raw dough, including dough for crafts.

  • Make sure raw dough is cooked to the proper temperature.

  • Don't eat shakes or ice cream with products that contain raw dough or flour.

  • Keep raw foods, such as flour or eggs, separate from ready-to eat-foods.

  • Refrigerate products containing raw dough or eggs until they are cooked.

  • After handling flour, eggs, or raw dough, wash your hands with soap and water. And thoroughly clean all bowls, utensils and countertops that were used.

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