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Health Tip: Use Contact Lenses Safely

(HealthDay News) -- Don't like eyeglasses? Contact lenses may be your best choice.

The American Optometric Association offers these safety suggestions for people who wear contacts:

  • Wash and thoroughly dry your hands before handling contact lenses.

  • Carefully and regularly clean contacts, as directed by your optometrist. Rub the lenses with your fingers and rinse them thoroughly before soaking them overnight in multipurpose solution.

  • Store lenses in the proper storage case, and replace the case every three months. Clean the case after each use, and keep it open and dry between cleanings.

  • Use only products recommended by your optometrist to disinfect your lenses. Saline solution and rewetting drops do not disinfect lenses.

  • Use only fresh solution to clean and store contacts. Never reuse old solution. Change the solution according to the manufacturer's recommendations, even if you don't use the lenses daily.

  • Always follow the lens replacement schedule your optometrist recommends.

  • Remove contacts before using a hot tub.

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