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Health Tip: Practice Window Safety

(HealthDay News) -- As spring approaches and the weather warms, you should be thinking about window safety and how to prevent falls and fire hazards.

The National Safety Council suggests:

  • Never paint or nail a window shut.

  • Do not install an air conditioner in a window that may be needed for escape during a fire.

  • All window guards, security bars, grilles or grates must have a release mechanism.

  • Create an emergency escape plan and practice it often.

  • Keep emergency escape ladders in second- or third-story bedrooms and teach everyone in the home how to use them.

  • Remember that a window screen cannot support a person's weight.

  • Never leave children unattended around an open window.

  • Any window within a child's reach should always be closed.

  • Don't put furniture under a window. Doing so could allow a child to climb on the furniture and fall from the window.

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