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Health Tip: Do's and Don'ts While Waiting for an Ambulance

(HealthDay News) -- Calling 911 for a friend or family member in need can be a scary experience. But being prepared for a medical emergency can help both you and the person in need, says StrokeSmart.

It mentions these do's and don'ts while waiting for an ambulance:

  • Do tell the 911 operator where you are.

  • Do stay on the line with the 911 operator and follow his or her instructions.

  • Do remain calm and keep the person safe.

  • Do tell emergency responders about the person's symptoms.

  • Do perform CPR if the person is not breathing.

  • Do unlock the front door so paramedics can enter quickly.

  • Do not drive the person in need to the hospital yourself.

  • Do not provide any medication unless instructed.

  • Do not provide anything to eat or drink unless instructed.

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