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What Works Best for You and Your Family?

You know that health insurance is a good investment. It can protect you and your family from the high costs of care and can help all of you lead healthier lives. But you still need to think about what would work best for your family's budget. Some things to consider:
  • A high deductible and a lower premium would be easier on your monthly budget, but the costs could add up if you visit the doctor frequently or need a lot of prescriptions.
  • A no-deductible policy might work well for families with children or people with chronic illnesses. While the premiums are generally higher, these plans would cover frequent doctor visits and often include prescription benefits as well.
  • Think about the actual cost of the monthly premium and how it will impact your budget.
  • Look for a plan that has the benefits you and your family need now and may need in the future.
Take these into consideration, as well as other issues unique to you and your family. Put them together to decide which plan is really the best value.
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