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Stay Healthy + Save Money

How to Save Money on Health Care

When you’re sick or injured, the emergency room may not always be your best option. Try one of these ER alternatives instead. If you take medication, try shopping around or look into cheaper generic versions. Are you a smoker and need incentive? Learn how much money you could save by quitting smoking.

Happy, Healthy Holidays

Do you know which holiday treat has the lowest fat content? Test your knowledge on holiday sweets. Simple changes make your dessert healthy, yet still delicious. Use these strategies to help you beat the holiday bulge. Finally, download the GoalGetter app to track your holiday calories.

Unwrap the Gift of Toy Safety

One of the biggest threats to the health of children is accidental injury. Use these toy tips to keep the holidays safe for children. And remember to check for lead. How do you find the right toy for the little guy or girl? Bring this checklist with you next time you go toy shopping.

Avoid the Holiday Blues

The holidays can be stressful and lead to seasonal depression. Use these tips to ease the winter blues. Do you think you know about depression? Take this quiz to find out. This checklist will help you recognize symptoms of depression.

The Benefits of Member Central

Did you know that any time you want information about your medical or dental plan all you have to do is click on Member Central? Creating an account is easy and you can check your claims, review your deductible, find a doctor, take a health assessment, and much more.

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