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Help Stop the Opioid Crisis

Opioid misuse is a growing problem in Massachusetts. Last year, 1,089 people died because of opioid-related overdoses—a 63 percent increase since 2012. Learn more about the problem, and find out what you can do to help to stop the opioid crisis.

Taste the Season

Stop by the Kitchen at Boston Public Market midday on Sundays this spring for a complimentary tasting of seasonal offerings from the market, sponsored by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts. Get more info and directions.

Savory Barbecue Chicken Pizza

When we think barbeque, we usually turn our attention to the outdoor grill. At 220 calories per slice, this delicious recipe will make you rethink where you want to have your next barbeque.

Celebrate National Walk@Lunch Day

Let April 27, 2016 mark the start of your new daily walking routine. It’s an easy and effective exercise that you can find time to do just about every day. So mark your calendar, get some walking tips, and start improving your health one step at a time!

Save 25% on SKECHERS®′

Celebrate National Walk@Lunch Day, or any other day, in style with comfortable new sneakers from SKECHERS. This exclusive offer is only available through Blue365®′.

How Does the Weather Affect Your Health?

The weather has more to do with your health than you might realize. Learn more about the weather and you— take this quiz.

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