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Tips for Summer Safety

Stay well this summer and learn how to protect yourself from health concerns like dehydration, sunburns, ticks, and more. Check out these tips before you enjoy the great outdoors.

Island Fun Run

On September 22, join us on Spectacle Island in beautiful Boston Harbor for the fifth annual Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts Island Run. Blue Cross members can use discount code “RunBCBS” to get $15 off the registration fee. Find out more and register.

Stay Fit This Summer

Use the extra daylight hours to be more active this summer. If you recently joined a gym, or even if you’re a long-time gym member, check out these tips to get the most from your fitness facility.

Download the MyBlue® Member App

Get instant and secure access to your personal health care information any time you need it. A simple tap connects you to your claims history, your ID card, financial accounts, even your doctor. Download the app.

Grill Up Healthy Summer Recipes

Take advantage of grilling season and create this six-ingredient meal at home. Get the recipe for ginger pork and explore more delicious dishes!

Take the Heat Off Your Spending

You might be missing out on ways to save on your monthly bills, food shopping, and medical care. Read these tips for cutting costs!

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